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Bringing VMware CIs from SCOM to the SCSM CMDB (using Veeam MP V6)

When using Microsoft System Center to manage VMware infrastructures you will very fast get in contact with the awesome SCOM management pack from Veeam. If you want to know more on how to install and configure this MP, you should … Continue reading

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SQL Query for Custom Reports – concatenate values in 1:many relationships

As soon as it comes to custom reporting in Service Manager, you are sooner or later dealing with SQL queries to get the needed data out of the data warehouse and into your reports. One of my customers came up … Continue reading

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Quick Info: Exchange Connector 3.0 is now RTM and finally supported!

We had to go a long way, but now it’s finally here: the Exchange Connector 3.0 for Service Manager is now RTM and officially supported by Microsoft. You can download it from here –> Cheers Marcel

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Another Intake Form – less pain in this (Service Manager) world

Service Desk employees are often faced with the situation that they do not know if the user that is calling is reporting an incident or has a request for service. By using a good questioning technique he can try to … Continue reading

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“How to create HP ProLiant objects manually in the CMDB”

Many of my customers start their Service Manager implementation by implementing Configuration Management first. This indeed makes sense, because as soon as objects and relationships are available in the CMDB and under change control, they know what’s going on behind … Continue reading

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Adding an ID or auto incrementing property to default classes

We have lots of Service Manager customers that have comprehensive CMDBs where they store all kind of object types and relationships. When defining your very own classes you know that every class should have a key property. Often this is … Continue reading

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Documentation of SCSM Relationship Classes

When you are dealing with Service Manager or especially CMDB’s you know that it’s all about relationships. Service Manager delivers tons of different relationships between object classes that will help you to build the relationships to reflect your needs. Of … Continue reading

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Linking Parent/Child Incidents together using Orchestrator

“How can I use SCORCH to link Parent Incidents with Child Incidents?” seems to be a common question that I get a lot. So I decided to write a quick post on this topic. In this example I will use … Continue reading

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Installing the SCSM SSP – Error executing Custom Action “CreateSharePointWebSite.F175D191_81C3_4A7D_A05B_6A250575B468”

I had this error today while installing a new SCSM SSP Server in my lab. At the end it was a pretty simple thing to fix, but it cost me some time to figure it out. Just wanted to share … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Authoring Extensions (VSAE) – Part 3: Creating Views by using Snippet Templates

VSAE offers multiple options to create views. You could use the View template or an empty Management Pack Fragment template. For this example however, I decided to use a snippet template to demonstrate how this can be used to create … Continue reading

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