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Speaking at Microsoft Technical Summit 2016

It’s only a few days until I speak at the largest technical Microsoft conference in Germany. The conference runs from December 6-8 in Darmstadt and I was invited to present my famous “Tesla Management” session.

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Azure Resource Policies – a complete walkthrough

When companies use Azure to deploy and use resources, they should use strict guidelines to safeguard their subscriptions and keep the quality at a high level. They need to make sure that resources are placed in the correct resource groups, … Continue reading

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GitHub Source Control for your Visual Studio projects

In my last post I explained how you can use GitHub as a platform for Azure Automation runbook versioning and source control. Another tool IT Pros (like myself) use more and more is Visual Studio. This article walks you through … Continue reading

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GitHub Source Control for your Azure Automation Runbooks

If you work with Automation you might know that you will only be successful when following crystal clear developlent guidelines and processes. One important factor to keep in mind – especially in larger projects with many involved automation engineers – … Continue reading

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SCSM QuickVids for “SCSM 2012/2012R2 Authoring” – Video 1: Preparing the dev environment #SCSM

Howdy! I just started with a new Concept called “QuickVids”. There are lots of good posts out there how to deal with Service Manager, how to do and configure things. I thought that having videos that explain things might be … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Authoring Extensions (VSAE) – Part 3: Creating Views by using Snippet Templates

VSAE offers multiple options to create views. You could use the View template or an empty Management Pack Fragment template. For this example however, I decided to use a snippet template to demonstrate how this can be used to create … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Authoring Extensions (VSAE) – Part 2: Creating a Folder with a custom Image

In part 2 of this VSAE series I will demonstrate how to create folders with custom images to the Management Pack to have a container ready for creating views later on. Make sure you take a look at the other … Continue reading

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