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Installing the SCSM SSP – Error executing Custom Action “CreateSharePointWebSite.F175D191_81C3_4A7D_A05B_6A250575B468”

I had this error today while installing a new SCSM SSP Server in my lab. At the end it was a pretty simple thing to fix, but it cost me some time to figure it out. Just wanted to share … Continue reading

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Data Cubes in Service Manager 2012 – Part 2/3 (Publishing Reports)

In the first blog post of this series I described the basic handling of data cubes, how to create them and how to slice and dice data by using excel. Now let’s go to the next step with Data Cubes in … Continue reading

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Access the SM12 Web Portal using an Alias

SM12 brings a new Web Portal that is based on SharePoint. This is pretty cool because you can now combine the Service Manager functionality together with the rich function set of SharePoint. One thing I normally do is creating an alias … Continue reading

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Using the Service Manager Dashboard

If you want to become your boss’ best friend, you need to impress him with great graphics and meaningful diagrams :). One way to achieve this goal is using the Service Manager Dashboard. It is based on SharePoint and can be … Continue reading

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