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Visualize OMS Log Analytics data with PowerBI

In my last blog post I demonstrated how to collect and visualize Tesla Supercharger data with OMS Log Analytics. Now let’s take the next step and check out how this data can be forwarded to PowerBI to create interactive reports … Continue reading

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SQL Query for Custom Reports – concatenate values in 1:many relationships

As soon as it comes to custom reporting in Service Manager, you are sooner or later dealing with SQL queries to get the needed data out of the data warehouse and into your reports. One of my customers came up … Continue reading

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The Case of the lost Report Data Sources

Maybe you had this one before: after doing a fresh install of Service Manager or even after SCSM Reporting was already up and running, some or all of the reports lost the connection to their data source. Because I had … Continue reading

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Creating Custom Service Manager Reports with Parameters

A while ago I published an article on how to create custom Service Manager reports –> see here. This post is a follow up article that explains how to use report parameters to filter the displayed results. This can be … Continue reading

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Creating Custom Service Manager Reports

When you are working with Service Manager, you have some report definitions that are delivered with Management Packs for basic reporting. With SM12, the concept of OLAP Cubes is another method that you can use for getting information out of … Continue reading

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Service Manager Management Group Documentation

Wow, that was a long time without blogging. The reason why is that I have tons of System Center projects to work on and my time is somehow vanishing. But now be prepared for a series of new posts on … Continue reading

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