Surface Hub Monitoring with OMS/Azure Log Analytics

Some days ago we received our first Surface Hub device for our headquarters in Bern. After using it for some days, we decided to order another one for our second office in Glattbrugg. Why? Because the device is absolutely amazing! My colleague Thomas Maurer already blogged about the first experience with our Surface Hub. In this post I will not go into any functional details of the device, but I will focus on how the Surface Hub can be monitored with OMS/Azure Log Analytics.

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GitHub Source Control for your Visual Studio projects

In my last post I explained how you can use GitHub as a platform for Azure Automation runbook versioning and source control. Another tool IT Pros (like myself) use more and more is Visual Studio. This article walks you through the process of enabling GitHub as a source control platform for you Visual Studio projects.

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GitHub Source Control for your Azure Automation Runbooks

If you work with Automation you might know that you will only be successful when following crystal clear developlent guidelines and processes. One important factor to keep in mind – especially in larger projects with many involved automation engineers – is source control. Azure Automation helps you out here by allowing to connect runbooks to a source control platform. Today, only GitHub can be used, Visual Studio Online will follow soon. This article guides you through the setup process.

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Microsoft Regional Director for Switzerland!

What a day! Today I was informed that I was nominated as a Microsoft Regional Director for Switzerland, starting in April 2016 for the next 2 years!

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Speaking at SCU Malaysia 2016 and SCU Australia 2016

I admit it: I love community conferences and two of the best of them will run in March 2016 in Malaysia and Australia. Both conferences focus on the latest Microsoft products and solutions and will cover technical and strategic topics around System Center, Azure, OMS, EMS and more. And what I like best: I am able to present at both of them!

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Control personalized views in SCSM

In SCSM Analysts have the option to change views for their specific needs. They can change the width of columns, hide columns completely or use grouping and sorting functions. All view personalizations are stored in the SCSM database so that users get their settings everytime they connect to SCSM, no matter from what device or console. From time to time there might be a need to reset these personalizations and set the views back to the original state. This blog post explains how this works.

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Operations Management Suite (OMS) – Alerting Part 1 (preview)

You might have heard of OMS already, Microsoft’s IT Management as a Service approach that delivers different capabilities from the cloud. Some days ago a new feature made it to the public preview status: Alerting! This means that OMS now allows to search for specific events and create alerts if needed. In this post I will quickly go through the new feature and show how it can be used.

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