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SCO (System Center Orchestrator) 2012 Beta 1 – Overview

The next Release of Service Manager (SCSM 2012) will be available around end 2011. To drive automation to the next level, SCSM 2012 will contain a connector to System Center Orchestrator 2012 (today known as “Microsoft Opalis”) that allows us … Continue reading

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Auto-Assign unassigned Incidents by using the SCSM Extensions V2.0 OIP

What about days when no one feels responsible for assigning Incidents to Support Groups and/or Analysts? In such cases a workflow that reports unassigned Incidents would be helpful. If needed, the workflow could also assign these Incidents automatically to a … Continue reading

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SCSM Extensions V2.0 OIP (Opalis Integration Pack)

Some weeks ago I released the first Version of the SCSM Extensions OIP. This OIP allows Administrators to create workflows in Opalis to automate things. It contains some activities that are not contained in the SCSM OIP from Microsoft. During my work with Service … Continue reading

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Opalis Integration Pack Extension for Service Manager

I started a new Opalis Integration Pack project that allows administrators to easily communicate with Service Manager. The Integration Pack that Microsoft delivers is great, but some often used activities (I use) are not present and you have to use … Continue reading

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Creating special Activities – Part 2/2

Using Activities in Service Manager allows you to collect Information about tasks and build them together in Change Requests. In the first Part I talked about custom activity classes and how to use them in Templates. In the second Part I … Continue reading

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Service Manager Workflows – Part 1

To automate tasks, Service Manager brings it’s own Workflow Engine. Using the Authoring Tool you can build detailed Workflows to automate almost any task you want. And the best thing: it’s pretty easy! In this Blogpost Series i will show … Continue reading

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Automated Change Requests using Microsoft Opalis

If you want to automate certain processes, then Microsoft Opalis is the way to go. With this Orchestration and Workflow engine it possible to automate cross-silo processes without writing a single line of code. of course, if you have special … Continue reading

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