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Visual Studio Authoring Extensions (VSAE) – Part 2: Creating a Folder with a custom Image

In part 2 of this VSAE series I will demonstrate how to create folders with custom images to the Management Pack to have a container ready for creating views later on. Make sure you take a look at the other … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Authoring Extensions (VSAE) – Part 1: Creating a new CI Class

I decided to do a VSAE series that explains how to use the Visual Studio Authoring Extensions to extend and customize Service Manager. This is indeed an excellent extension when Visual Studio is your Service Manager authoring tool! If it’s … Continue reading

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Strong name key files for sealing your MPs … hmmmm?!

You may have heard that sealing Management Packs (MPs) is a good practice. This is definitely the case when you have MPs that contain classes, class extensions etc. because you can reference to those classes from other MPs. Referencing is … Continue reading

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Removing Management Packs with Powershell

When Management Packs are imported, SCSM does some integrity checks to see if the Management Pack is valid. This indeed makes sense because you immediately know when your Management Pack has errors in the code. But there are also times … Continue reading

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Autoincrement Property IDs

I’m writing this blog post while sitting in my car in the middle of a huge traffic jam at famous St.Gotthard in Switzerland (2 hours waiting time) The positive thing is that I have plenty of time to write a … Continue reading

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Opalis Integration Pack Extension for Service Manager

I started a new Opalis Integration Pack project that allows administrators to easily communicate with Service Manager. The Integration Pack that Microsoft delivers is great, but some often used activities (I use) are not present and you have to use … Continue reading

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Bringing discovered SCOM objects to Service Manager – Part 2/2

In the first part of this series I showed how to synchronize objects that live in SCOM to the Service Manager CMDB. This works fine, but in some situations it’s possible that objects will not be visible – because they … Continue reading

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