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Visualization Options for OMS Log Search Results

When using search queries in OMS, a list view is used to display all the results one after the other. The advantage of this view is, that you can easily access all the available properties of the collected events.

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Control personalized views in SCSM

In SCSM Analysts have the option to change views for their specific needs. They can change the width of columns, hide columns completely or use grouping and sorting functions. All view personalizations are stored in the SCSM database so that … Continue reading

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Sample MP – Relation between classes, type projections, views and forms

Based on several requests, I created a sample MP that has a class definition with a relationship to another class, a type projection, a view that uses the type projection and a specific form for managing objects of this class. … Continue reading

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Custom Icons for Views and Folders

When you create your own Views and Folders, Service Manager uses Default Icons. This is fine, but for a better presentation and recognition of views it makes sense to use custom Icons – especially when you have created custom Classes … Continue reading

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Creating Classes

In Service Manager, instances of classes represent managed objects. if you want to manage non-default objects, it’s necessary to create new custom classes. The creation of classes can be done in two different ways. First, classes can be created using … Continue reading

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