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Sample MP – Relation between classes, type projections, views and forms

Based on several requests, I created a sample MP that has a class definition with a relationship to another class, a type projection, a view that uses the type projection and a specific form for managing objects of this class. … Continue reading

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Starting the SCCM Remote Control Client from the Service Manager Console, Part 2 (aka “how to dynamically add information to tasks”)

A while ago I have written an article about how to create custom tasks. One question that came up was: “How can I bring information from an incident to the task (as a task parameter)”? This article shows how.

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Mobile Devices and SIM Cards

Some customers want to manage Mobile Devices. Unfortunately, no such classes exists out of the box in Service Manager. Therefore you have to create your own classes as well as build the relationships between those. In this article i will … Continue reading

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Relations between Objects

Sometimes it can be useful to group different objects together. One requirement could be, to group a Computer, a Monitor and a Printer Object together to form a Workplace Object. This could be useful to easily recognize which objects belong … Continue reading

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