Use Github for your Visual Studio projects

Depending on the projects I’m working on i either use VSO/TFS or Github. While VSO/TFS integration is part of Visual Studio, Github is not. But there is an add-on available that allows you to enable Github integration into Visual Studio. This blog post guides you through the process on how to configure and use the Github approach,

Download and install the add-on

Navigate to and download the extension. Before installing, check the requirements. The installation is straightforward.



Configure Visual Studio

Once the add-on is installed, you shoud see a new “Github” area in the Team Explorer.


Now sign in with your Github account.


If you already have an existing repository on Github you want to use, clone it. Or create a new repository if needed.



Now let’s add some files to the repository. Go to the “Changes” area and add files from the “untracked files” menu.



Now commit and push the changes to Github.


Files/folders can also be commited directly from the Solution Explorer.


You should now see that the files are source controlled. If you modify a file or add a new one the lock disappears to let you know it’s not yet pushed.


That’s it. Check if the files have been pushed to the Github repository.



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