Visualize OMS Log Analytics data with PowerBI

In my last blog post I demonstrated how to collect and visualize Tesla Supercharger data with OMS Log Analytics. Now let’s take the next step and check out how this data can be forwarded to PowerBI to create interactive reports and dashboards.

Step 1 – Forward the data to PowerBI

Before you can forward data to PowerBI you might need to enable the feature in under Configuration\Preview Features. Then you need to configure the PowerBI account where the data will be sent.



In this example I will forward all Tesla Supercharger data to PowerBI. After the query is in the search field, I use the PowerBI option and configure OMS to forward the data every 15 minutes.



Step 2 – Check the data forward process

Once configured, you can use OMS to track if data gets forwarded correctly. By using Configuration\PowerBI you can see all configured forwarders and if needed enable/disable them. And you can see if the sync status was successful.


You can also use log analytics to track the forwarding process.

Type=Alert SourceDisplayName=PowerBIConnector | select TimeGenerated, ObjectDisplayName, AlertName



Step 3 – Create the report

After a while you will discover a new data set in PowerBI.


Now I add a new map visual to the report, then drag the lon and lat fields to the corresponding fields of the visual.



To visualize the different stall sizes, I also drag the stall count field to the size field of the visual. When you now zoom it you will discover that the different Superchargers are displayed in different sizes depending on their actual stall count.


Now let’s add a slicer that allows to easily select Superchargers in a specific country.



After turning off the “Single Selection” option, I can now easily select multiple countries in the slicer visual.


As a last step I added a table visual to display the most important details of the Tesla Superchargers.


Now I can work with my data as needed by either selecting one or multiple countries from the slicer, or click on a specific circle on the map to get the relevante details at the bottom of the report.



The forwarding option to PowerBI is a very powerful OMS Log Analytics feature that allows you to forward data in a controlled way to create awesome dashboards in very little time. Give it a try!


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