Service Manager Management Group Documentation

Wow, that was a long time without blogging. The reason why is that I have tons of System Center projects to work on and my time is somehow vanishing. But now be prepared for a series of new posts on Service Manager 2012! This time with a nice script to document your Service Manager Management Group. Stefan Roth, SCOM Expert at itnetx Switzerland has released a cool MP to document SCOM Management Groups. I adapted the base script for Service Manager. This now lets you document some important parts of the MG configuration.

Check out Stefan’s original post here –>

Let’s first take a look at the output. The HTML file contains important Service Manager configuration details of the Management Group, for instance Management Pack details, Groups and Queues, Service and Request Offerings etc.




This is pretty cool as it gives you a good overview of the Management Group, especially when you need to take care of an environment that was built by someone else and documentations are missing – why ever Smile.

How is it done? You need two files, the script that collects information from Service Manager and saves it to a HTML file, and a css file for formatting. Save the files to a directory, then edit the script and change the paths of the css file and the output file.

You can get the files from my Skydrive –>



Now make sure you have the smlets Powershell Module ( installed, then just start the script. It will create a HTML file with the collected data and automatically opens it. I pulled some important information together (check script details), but feel free to change the script for your very own needs. Note: this could also be done by using the default Service Manager PowerShell Module, but as I prefer smlets, I have chosen this module.


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3 Responses to Service Manager Management Group Documentation

  1. bjkoekkoek says:

    Very useful! thanks!

  2. Hi,…could you please provide a link to the files again. Used them earlier but lost them. Very useful documents. The skydrive link does not containing the files again.

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