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A look at SCSM Workflows and Notifications and how to manage them by using scripts

I am a lazy guy and whenever possible I try to automate things using PowerShell scripts or System Center Orchestrator runbooks. If you work with Service Manager you know that lots of tasks can be automated by using PowerShell cmdlets … Continue reading

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To what CI belongs a specific mail address?

Some months ago I wrote a blog post about getting the SMTP addresses of a User CI. This can be helpful if you need this information in a Opalis/Orchestrator Runbook. Based on this article the question came up if it … Continue reading

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Notifying Analysts when Action Log was updated

There are several possibilities to update the action log of an incident. Service Manager can update the action log automatically, an analyst can update the action log with a manual antry from the console and endusers can update the action … Continue reading

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Get the SMTP Address of a User CI

Due to a notification requirement of a customer, I needed to somehow access the SMTP address of a User CI in the CMDB. This is not that easy, because the SMTP address is not directly stored on the user object, … Continue reading

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Multi-Language Support for Mail Notification

Service Manager allows you to notify people (endusers, analysts, bosses etc.) by mail. Larger companies that span accross multiple countries may have a requirement to send out mails in different languages – depending on the language a specific person speaks. … Continue reading

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