Quick Overview: Azure Container Instances (Preview)

Windows containers are getting more and more popular. Azure already has multiple container-related features and more will be added in the near future. Today I quickly want to cover Azure Container Instances (ACI). This allows you to spin up containers on the Azure platform without even deploying a container host. Cool, huh?

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Delivering the Keynote at InfoNet Day 2017

On October 31 2017, I will again present at the annual InfoNet Day event in Olten-Switzerland. The event is focused on a technical audience and covers Microsoft topics across the board – cloud, datacenter and workplace. I will present the “Cloud & Datacenter Management”-Keynote”. The keynote title I chose for this year is “Cloud Trends – Microsoft IT Professional Edition”.

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Recap: This was Experts Live Europe 2017!

The celebration of the 5th conference anniversary is over and Experts Live Europe 2017 is history. Time for a quick recap! Well, community conferences are like a big family get-together. When I jumped into the plane to get to Berlin for the big show, I was really amazed and excited. After all the hard work during the last months the conference week finally started. Seeing so many well-known faces and saying hello to friends from all over the world is just amazing and exactly what motivates us to run this conference every year again. But what happened in Berlin? Read on!

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OMS welcomes the new “Azure Analytics Query Language”

If you are a using OMS Log Analytics you know that the query language offers some powerful features to extract, aggregate, analyze and visualize collected data. However, there are times when some restrictions kick in and you have to find very creative workarounds to get the results you need. Sometimes it’s not possible at all. Now the good news: These days, all regions where Log Analytics is available are upgraded and your Log Analytics workspace now offers a new query language that is much more powerful and flexible.

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OMS View Designer – Use Name & Value Separator

If you are designing views on the OMS dashboard you rely on collected events. There are times when you want to parse values and only use parts of the field values. But how can this be done if data is already collected? Read on!

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Experts Live Europe 2017 is coming!

Another year is over and we are approaching the next regional community conference: Experts Live Europe 2017! Never heard of it? Checkout the conference website and read on!

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Experts Live Switzerland 2017 (May 17 2017) – The Regional Microsoft Community Conference

I bet you already heard of the annual conference “System Center Universe Europe” in the past. This Microsoft community conference was first held in Bern-Switzerland (2013), then moved to Basel-Switzerland (2014 and 2015) and finally to Berlin-Germany (2016). Finally, after 4 years we decided to rebrand the conference and use a new name for it: Experts Live Europe. Beside this 3-day conference that will again run again in Berlin from August 23-25 2017, we will also run a brand 1-day country event in Switzerland: Experts Live Switzerland!

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