Just for fun: Using symbols in Azure

I was asked recently if it is possible to use symbols when assigning names to Azure objects. The short answer is ‘yes’, this is indeed possible, but definitely not something I would recommend in a business environment. However, it makes things look nice, shiny and less boring and might be of use to drive attention in workshops, demos etc.

Here are some examples.



Now how is this done? Just copy/paste Unicode symbols to the appropriate Azure forms. Never heard of it? Then quickly checkout Wikipedia. Once you understand how it works, you can enter any Unicode (e.g. 2705) in a supported tool (e.g. Word) and then convert it to a symbol hitting ALT+X right afterwards. This changes the Unicode to a symbol that you can now copy and paste in Azure wherever you want and where it works.


You will find tons of pages on the internet what give you a good overview of the symbols that exist. Here are some:

Update: Instead browsing the Unicode tables for nice icons you can use the “shortcut” by just hitting the Win-Key and “.” – this also gives you selection of emojis and symbols and might be more comfortable. Just be aware that with that approach you will not be able to use all 100k+ Unicode symbols. Thanks Thomas for the input!

This does not work everywhere in Azure, so just try it out. And again: Don’t use this in any business environment, just use it for fun.


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