Visualization Options for OMS Log Search Results

When using search queries in OMS, a list view is used to display all the results one after the other. The advantage of this view is, that you can easily access all the available properties of the collected events.

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Conditional views in OMS using data-flow verification

In an OMS view you can enable data-flow verification and define a query that should be executed when someone accesses the OMS website. If the query returns no data, you can display a message that informs the user that there is no data available yet. This is actually very helpful in scenarios where you install a new solution that first needs to collect data. If someone accesses the view too early it could throw some strange errors saying that some data types or properties are unknown by the workspace.

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Speaking at geekmania 2016

For many years – since 2007 – I have been a speaker at the annual technical conference “geekmania” in Switzerland. It’s the time of the year again when the geeky conference comes to live! This year in the Pathé Cinema in Dietlikon-Switzerland on November 4 2016.

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Webinar “OMS Log Analytics” in German

On October 20 2016, 2pm CEST I will present a webinar in German on OMS log analytics where I will demonstrate how to collect, analyze and visualize data from different sources. OMS Log Analytics helps you to understand what’s going on in your IT landscape and not only gives you powerful insights but also rich analytics, visualization and even remediation options. Attend this free webinar to learn about (more or less) the following topics:

  • Prepare the OMS workspace and surrounding environment
  • Collect and inject data from different sources
  • Analyze data with search queries
  • Visualize data with views, dashboards and PowerBI
  • Use alerts and remediation

Register here for this free, German webinar. My company itnetX also runs other German webinars that might be interesting for you. Check them out here.

Looking forward to see you at the webinar!


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Azure Resource Locks

In my last post I described how to use Azure Resource Policies to keep your environment clean. However, Azure Resource Policies do not protect you from unwanted modifications or even deletions of critical resources. This is where Azure Resource Locks come into play.

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Azure Resource Policies – a complete walkthrough

When companies use Azure to deploy and use resources, they should use strict guidelines to safeguard their subscriptions and keep the quality at a high level. They need to make sure that resources are placed in the correct resource groups, in the correct region or that all the provisioned resources are correctly named and tagged. These are only some examples where Azure resource policies come into play because they allow how Azure resources can be provisioned and what is not compliant with the company policy.

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Visualize OMS Log Analytics data with PowerBI

In my last blog post I demonstrated how to collect and visualize Tesla Supercharger data with OMS Log Analytics. Now let’s take the next step and check out how this data can be forwarded to PowerBI to create interactive reports and dashboards.

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