Azure Resource Locks

In my last post I described how to use Azure Resource Policies to keep your environment clean. However, Azure Resource Policies do not protect you from unwanted modifications or even deletions of critical resources. This is where Azure Resource Locks come into play.

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Azure Resource Policies – a complete walkthrough

When companies use Azure to deploy and use resources, they should use strict guidelines to safeguard their subscriptions and keep the quality at a high level. They need to make sure that resources are placed in the correct resource groups, in the correct region or that all the provisioned resources are correctly named and tagged. These are only some examples where Azure resource policies come into play because they allow how Azure resources can be provisioned and what is not compliant with the company policy.

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Visualize OMS Log Analytics data with PowerBI

In my last blog post I demonstrated how to collect and visualize Tesla Supercharger data with OMS Log Analytics. Now let’s take the next step and check out how this data can be forwarded to PowerBI to create interactive reports and dashboards.

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Collect and visualize custom data with Microsoft OMS Log Analytics

The OMS HTTP data collector allows you to collect any data from any source and send it over to OMS. Using the OMS view designer you can then visualize the data. Curious how this works? Read on!

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Surface Hub Monitoring with OMS/Azure Log Analytics

Some days ago we received our first Surface Hub device for our headquarters in Bern. After using it for some days, we decided to order another one for our second office in Glattbrugg. Why? Because the device is absolutely amazing! My colleague Thomas Maurer already blogged about the first experience with our Surface Hub. In this post I will not go into any functional details of the device, but I will focus on how the Surface Hub can be monitored with OMS/Azure Log Analytics.

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GitHub Source Control for your Visual Studio projects

In my last post I explained how you can use GitHub as a platform for Azure Automation runbook versioning and source control. Another tool IT Pros (like myself) use more and more is Visual Studio. This article walks you through the process of enabling GitHub as a source control platform for you Visual Studio projects.

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GitHub Source Control for your Azure Automation Runbooks

If you work with Automation you might know that you will only be successful when following crystal clear developlent guidelines and processes. One important factor to keep in mind – especially in larger projects with many involved automation engineers – is source control. Azure Automation helps you out here by allowing to connect runbooks to a source control platform. Today, only GitHub can be used, Visual Studio Online will follow soon. This article guides you through the setup process.

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