Auto-Deploy Container Images as Azure Container Instances (ACI)

Containers are pretty new in the Microsoft world, but are quickly getting traction. Microsoft Azure offers lots of container-related services such as Azure Container Instances (ACI), Azure Container Service (ACS), Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) or Azure Container Registry (ACR). I already covered Azure Container Instances here, so I will not go into any details again – even if some things slightly changed since then. What I wanna cover in this post however is the automatic deployment of Docker images onto ACI.

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Azure Resource Policies Management in the Azure Portal

A while back I blogged about Azure Policies. Policies can be used as part of Azure Governance to audit and enforce compliance. For instance, it lets you enforce the use of specific regions, or enforces you to tag your resources. I covered the details already in my previous blog post and will not go into the details again. Meanwhile things have changed and there is a graphical implementation available that can be used to manage policies in the Azure portal.

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Upcoming speaking engagements H1 2018

The new year just started and I am already booked as a speaker or expert for many events and conferences. As always, connecting with the community is key to me and my role, so I am happy to rock stages soon again and meet with people that have the community DNA! Find my confirmed engagements for H1 2018 below in chronological order. Looking forward to each and every event! Drop me a message if you are attending as well and would like to connect!

Cheers, Marcel

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Building a simple release pipeline for ARM templates

Using release pipelines is a pretty common thing for agile developers, but not necessarily for IT Pros. However, they can still very much benefit from that process when working with their IT pro artefacts such as scripts, ARM templates, runbooks, Dockerfiles etc. to get more agile and keep environments stable and clean. In this post I will demonstrate how to build a (very) simple release pipeline from A-Z for ARM templates. Have fun!

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Quick Overview: Azure Container Instances (Preview)

Windows containers are getting more and more popular. Azure already has multiple container-related features and more will be added in the near future. Today I quickly want to cover Azure Container Instances (ACI). This allows you to spin up containers on the Azure platform without even deploying a container host. Cool, huh?

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Delivering the Keynote at InfoNet Day 2017

On October 31 2017, I will again present at the annual InfoNet Day event in Olten-Switzerland. The event is focused on a technical audience and covers Microsoft topics across the board – cloud, datacenter and workplace. I will present the “Cloud & Datacenter Management”-Keynote”. The keynote title I chose for this year is “Cloud Trends – Microsoft IT Professional Edition”.

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Recap: This was Experts Live Europe 2017!

The celebration of the 5th conference anniversary is over and Experts Live Europe 2017 is history. Time for a quick recap! Well, community conferences are like a big family get-together. When I jumped into the plane to get to Berlin for the big show, I was really amazed and excited. After all the hard work during the last months the conference week finally started. Seeing so many well-known faces and saying hello to friends from all over the world is just amazing and exactly what motivates us to run this conference every year again. But what happened in Berlin? Read on!

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