Microsoft MVP for another year!

Now that’s good news! I just got informed that I was awarded Microsoft MVP for another year. That’s 8 in a row now. I am super happy and honored to be a part of this exclusive group that allows me to connect with smart people from all over the place and to stay in close contact with the Microsoft product groups.


I am looking forward to another year fully packed with community contributions. Thanks everyone who supported me on this journey so far!


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Using Terraform Cloud Remote State Management – a quick introduction

Some days ago Hashicorp announced the availability of the free-to-use collaboration features in the Terraform cloud. This allows individuals and teams to easily store state information in the cloud and make it accessible from anywhere.

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Azure Resource Tags in JSON Format

This is a quick one: We all know that using Azure Resource Tags is a key element in a company’s governance strategy. Tags are used on resources to ensure you stay in control (e.g. to set an owner, department or environment), for cost management (e.g. to configure a cost center or customer) or any other purposes. Resource tags come with some limitations and it’s important to understand those. One of these limitations is the max. number of tags per resource which by the time of writing is 15. Using JSON-formatted tag values can help companies to overcome this limit.

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Issues with creating new Cosmos DB documents with Logic App

Recently I had to build a solution for a customer. One part was to create order documents in a Cosmos DB using a Logic App. Sounds easy, however, I struggled a bit because of a simple thing and thought that this could help others. So here we go.

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Azure Resource Graph Introduction

The most important part of Azure governance is to keep control of your Azure resources while not loosing agility and speed. There are several tools, procedures and services that assist you getting in control of your Azure resources. One I would like to highlight here is the “Azure Resource Graph”.


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This was Experts Live Europe 2018!

Too bad it’s already over: from October 24-26 2018 we enjoyed some days at Experts Live Europe 2018 with the Microsoft community. In Prague we brought together 400 attendees from 29 different countries. Amazing! It was a great time to learn, share and connect with like-minded experts and IT specialists from all over Europe.

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Azure Blueprints – Overview

Azure Blueprints were announced during Microsoft Ignite 2018. I had the privilege to already get access some months earlier and played with the new feature/service to gain some experience. In this blog post I want to give you a quick overview and kickstart what Azure Blueprints are and how they can be used to govern Azure environments.

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