Upcoming Conferences & Events Schedule H1 2020

The new year slowly started and I am already totally absorbed with customer projects, community activities and some private side projects. Time to quickly announce my H1 2020 conferences & events schedule.

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Speaking at Microsoft Ignite The Tour 2020!

Microsoft Ignite is Microsoft’s annual conference that runs in the United States. I was happy to be accepted as a speaker at Ignite 2019 and had a great time presenting, networking and learning. Beside this conference with more than 25k attendees, Microsoft runs 30 “Microsoft Ignite The Tour” stops across the globe. I am happy to have been accepted for two stops I applied for.

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This was Experts Live Europe 2019!

Whenever I am involved in organizing a conference, I write a “This was …” article. This November we again ran our annual conference “Experts Live Europe” in Prague. We had a great time spending some days with the European Microsoft community!

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Managing multiple Azure customers – but how?

As a service provider that works with a variety of customers, you need a way to manage multiple environments in an easy and efficient way. Azure offers different approaches for this that I want to cover in this blog post.

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Visualize your ARM Templates in VS Code

My team works a lot with ARM Templates to deploy and maintain Azure-based applications and infrastructure. We normally develop ARM Templates using Visual Studio Code, then manage and release the code using Azure DevOps. Sometimes we hand over code to customers that are less experienced. Having a way for them to visualize the code is very helpful and helps them to understand the code better. Lately, a new extension has been released for Visual Studio Code by Ben Coleman. It’s a very handy extension because it allows you to immediately visualize your code without leaving the tool.

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