Managing multiple Azure customers – but how?

As a service provider that works with a variety of customers, you need a way to manage multiple environments in an easy and efficient way. Azure offers different approaches for this that I want to cover in this blog post.

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Visualize your ARM Templates in VS Code

My team works a lot with ARM Templates to deploy and maintain Azure-based applications and infrastructure. We normally develop ARM Templates using Visual Studio Code, then manage and release the code using Azure DevOps. Sometimes we hand over code to customers that are less experienced. Having a way for them to visualize the code is very helpful and helps them to understand the code better. Lately, a new extension has been released for Visual Studio Code by Ben Coleman. It’s a very handy extension because it allows you to immediately visualize your code without leaving the tool.

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Speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2019

In November, Micrsoft will bring together more than 25k people to spend a week in Orlando to learn about the latest and greatest Microsoft technologies, products and solutions. I am super happy that I was selected as a speaker for this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando.

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Experts Live Europe – Past, Present and Future

I am excited: Experts Live Europe will open its doors again in 3 months. As part of the conference team I am super happy to welcome the European Microsoft community as well as many top speakers from around the globe again in the beautiful city of Prague for 3 exciting days. We bring experts, companies and ISV’s together to learn, exchange and share about everything Microsoft cloud, datacenter, workplace and security solutions. Curious what that means exactly? Read this post to learn more! Continue reading

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Integrate Azure DevOps with Teams

I use Azure DevOps a lot when it comes to customer projects, mainly for infrastructure as code deployments. Azure DevOps supports a variety of service hooks that allows to interact with various other services. Microsoft Teams is one of these services that can be used to inform your team about certain activities that are happening in Azure DevOps.

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ARM Templates – Create multiple Instances by using ‘copy’

When using ARM templates you often end up with many lines of code. There are some gems available that help you reducing your code to a minimum (which normally is still a lot). If you need to create multiple instances of resources, there is a function available that helps you to achieve this goal with very few code. By using a simple ‘copy’ one can create multiple instances of a specific resource. Continue reading

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Speaking at SPS Central Europe on August 31, 2019

Wait, what? Why is Marcel speaking at a SharePoint event? By accident? Is he planning a career change? Or is it just madness? In all honesty, I am a SharePoint consumer, nothing more, nothing less. And a very bad one I have to say. So I will not speak about any SharePoint topics. There are lots of smart speakers at the conference that will cover that. I was invited to speak about an IT Pro topic.

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CosmosDB Queries – Handling Arrays, Special Characters and Keywords

I recently worked for a customer where I had to build a custom application based on several Azure services. To store data, the application uses CosmosDB with the SQL API. The stored items/documents had a pretty simple structure using several arrays. However, when I started querying the data from an Azure Function, I struggled a bit with the syntax, especially when querying data from the arrays where some properties used special characters and keywords. Browsing the Internet for a while, I found some fragmented solutions., so I decided to write this post to consolidate everything into one single place. Continue reading

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