Experts Live Switzerland 2017 (May 17 2017) – The Regional Microsoft Community Conference

I bet you already heard of the annual conference “System Center Universe Europe” in the past. This Microsoft community conference was first held in Bern-Switzerland (2013), then moved to Basel-Switzerland (2014 and 2015) and finally to Berlin-Germany (2016). Finally, after 4 years we decided to rebrand the conference and use a new name for it: Experts Live Europe. Beside this 3-day conference that will again run again in Berlin from August 23-25 2017, we will also run a brand 1-day country event in Switzerland: Experts Live Switzerland!

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Use Github for your Visual Studio projects

Depending on the projects I’m working on i either use VSO/TFS or Github. While VSO/TFS integration is part of Visual Studio, Github is not. But there is an add-on available that allows you to enable Github integration into Visual Studio. This blog post guides you through the process on how to configure and use the Github approach,

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements H1 2017

I love to exchange with tech people from the community, share my knowledge and learn from other experts, partners and customers from all over the world. Listening to their experiences and challenges made me smarter and sharper. This is one of the reasons why I support IT communities and conferences all over the world, either as a speaker (myself) or as a sponsor (through my company itnetX). In the next weeks and months I will attend several conferences. This blog post sums up the most important conferences I will speak at. If you are attending one of them get in contact with me – I’d love to have a chat with you!

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Manage Linux Servers with Microsoft OMS

Linux is becoming more and more popular for Microsoft-focused people. Why? First, Microsoft is heavily investing in this area. If you look back some years, the strategy when it comes to non-Microsoft workloads completely changed. Second, many companies want the to use best-of-breed platform for their workloads. For some workloads this might be a Windows platform or application, for others, Linux applications will make the race. This indeed is a challenge for IT organizations because they need to be able to manage different types of workloads on different platforms. In this blog post I will demonstrate two OMS solutions that can assist with Linux-specific workloads.

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Docker Container Management – Windows Container Management Basics

Containers are around for a long time in the Linux world. To Windows admins however they are somewhat new. During the last months lots of articles, blog posts, webinars and sessions about containers have been published, mainly about what containers are and what they can be used for. I will not cover all of this again. This blog post series will more focus on how to work with containers and how to manage them.

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Speaking at Microsoft Technical Summit 2016

It’s only a few days until I speak at the largest technical Microsoft conference in Germany. The conference runs from December 6-8 in Darmstadt and I was invited to present my famous “Tesla Management” session.

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Visualization Options for OMS Log Search Results

When using search queries in OMS, a list view is used to display all the results one after the other. The advantage of this view is, that you can easily access all the available properties of the collected events.

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