Microsoft MVP for another year!

July 1 is an important day for the worldwide Microsoft community. On that day, Microsoft awards new and renews existing Microsoft MVPs. I am more than happy to have been renewed for another year in the “Microsoft Azure” category.

Microsoft recognizes exceptional community and tech leaders with this award for different categories. To me, getting my first MVP award was an important career step because it brought me in contact with smart, well-connected and kind people that were willing to share their knowledge and help me to become more successful. Today, many of the people that I only knew from blogs and tweets at that time, became friends and whenever we meet privately or at some event, we have things to discuss and enjoy our time together. I am thankful for this opportunity I received several years ago.

If you know a person that loves to share knowledge, that lives deep in Microsoft technologies, that is active in the community and is willing to help others taking the next step, think of this award. Introduce that person to an MVP, RD or Microsoft FTE: if they are convinced, they might initiate the nomination process for awarding that person.

This award is something you cannot buy, it’s an invaluable gift.


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Microsoft Azure MVP
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