Experts Live Europe – Past, Present and Future

I am excited: Experts Live Europe will open its doors again in 3 months. As part of the conference team I am super happy to welcome the European Microsoft community as well as many top speakers from around the globe again in the beautiful city of Prague for 3 exciting days. We bring experts, companies and ISV’s together to learn, exchange and share about everything Microsoft cloud, datacenter, workplace and security solutions. Curious what that means exactly? Read this post to learn more!

How It All Started

Back in 2013 I had the idea to bring a new conference to live to connect people from the German speaking region of Europe (DACH) to learn and make new valuable connections. During 2 days the team and I had the plan to deliver top content with a strong focus on Microsoft System Center and Windows Server. The conference “System Center Universe Europe” was born. The simple idea immediately went (kind of) viral and attracted speakers and sponsors from everywhere, we were totally surprised about the huge interest from speakers, sponsors and attendees. Before we even ran our first show, the conference already changed to something bigger: a conference for Europe, influenced by speakers and sponsors from across the planet.

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From Switzerland to Europe, from SCUE to ELEU

After running the show for 3 years in Switzerland (in Bern and two times in Basel) we decided to change the location. To reach the European community even better, we started looking around for a nice city and venue in the heart of Europe. With Berlin we found a perfect location. During that time we also saw a change in the conference content. We discovered that speakers wanted to focus more on cloud topics, about Azure and Office 365. System Center slowly faded from the spotlight and the conference name was not appropriate anymore. The team and I decided to rename our show to something new: “System Center Universe Europe” (SCUE) died and we gave birth to “Experts Live Europe” (ELEU) in 2017! It was essential to us that the name change did not in any negative way have an impact on the conference culture, groove and community. It did not!

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From Berlin to Prague

After 2 years in Berlin it was time to move on. We try to bring something new to the show every single year. One thing that is pretty hard to change is the location. But we wanted to drive the change forward and decided to move the conference to Prague in 2018. Prague offers perfect connections from everywhere in Europe and also has a lot to offer beside Experts Live Europe.

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Experts Live Europe 2019

So what to expect of this year’s conference? Here are the most important details and conference facts you need to know about.

November 20: Pre-Conference Day

The attendance of the pre-conf day is optional, but highly recommended. It will be less crowded which makes is easier to meet people and to have interesting conversations. And you will learn a lot about your favorite topics. We run 4 full-day tracks that allow you to dive deep into the topic of your choice. But it will definitely not be easy to make a decision because all 4 tracks are just brilliant, content- and speaker-wise.

Track 1

  • Azure initialization from zero to hero: onboarding, governance & resources deployment
  • Presented by Michael Rüefli (Microsoft MVP, make it noble, Switzerland) and Phoummala Schmitt (Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft, USA)

Track 2

  • Cloud & Datacenter Management with Microsoft System Center & Windows Server 2019
  • Presented by Kevin Greene (Microsoft MVP, Ergo, Ireland) and Robert Hedblom (Microsoft MVP, SumNERV, Sweden)

Track 3

  • Microsoft Security lighthouse – how enterprise environments can protect against current cyber threats
  • Presented by Maarten Goet (Microsoft MVP & RD, condicio, The Netherlands) and Alexander Benoit (Microsoft MVP, sepago, Germany)

Track 4

  • Productivity happens in the cloud: mastering the modern workplace for enterprises with Microsoft 365
  • Presented by Jan-Ketil Skanke (Microsoft MVP, CloudWay, Norway) and Stale Hansen (Microsoft MVP, CloudWay, Norway)

VIP Party

If you don’t want to end your first conference day after the pre-conference sessions are over, then we have some exciting stuff ready for you that you should not miss. If you are a VIP ticket holder you are invited to the VIP party in the evening. A maximum of 200 people will come together to enjoy a great night with drinks and awesome food in the Cloud9 Sky Bar & Lounge, one of Prague’s top locations. Make sure you don’t miss this party, I promise you will not be disappointed!


November 21-22: Main Conference Days

During these 2 days we will present lots of opportunities for attendees to learn about the latest and greatest technologies, connect with other attendees and experts, and share their own knowledge. See what our show has to offer:

The Best Experts Worldwide

Believe it or not: we will bring the top experts to Experts Live Europe. Many Microsoft employees and even more Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP). The interest to speak at this year’s conference was overwhelming. We received more than 500 session proposals to fill out 70 session slots. Believe me, we had to made lots of tough decisions and many experts did not yet make the cut. Many are still waiting to get a session slot and are not yet confirmed. However, the good thing is that we still have some slots to be filled. So you can expect more well-known guys to appear on the Experts Live Europe website.

ELEU18 (1)

The Best Content, Nothing Comes Close

Many conferences try to pack more and more content into their shows and broaden their coverage. This is great for people that want to scratch the surface of products and technologies. But if they want to dive deeper into a topic they will be disappointed. Experts Live Europe has a strict focus on cloud, datacenter, security and modern workplace. Nothing more, nothing less. This is all we do and we guarantee that we deliver the best content for those topics. From level 100 down to level 400 sessions, presented by top experts.


A Family-Like Conference Size

Experts Live Europe is a European community conference. In the last years we brought together attendees from more than 35 different countries. We have lots of attendees that are coming back every year because they like the culture and groove of the show and want to meet people again from the year’s before. It’s like a big family get-together every year. That said, we are not one of the big conferences when it comes to size, because this does not add any value for attendees – it only adds value to the organizers to make more money. At Experts Live Europe, people benefit much more because the conference is smaller and it allows to meet attendees and experts and make new valuable long-term connections. So we cap the conference every year at a maximum of 500!


Expect Top Quality Everywhere

Experts Live Europe is a high quality conference. We invest a lot to make sure attendees, speakers and sponsors feel comfortable. Experts and sessions have been mentioned already, that’s a very important ingredient for a successful conference. Another important thing is catering. PCC offers top quality beverages and food in many different variants. And very often it’s the small things that make a huge difference such as available power in all session rooms to load devices, stable high-speed WLAN that really works, nice branding of the venue, great networking parties with nice showacts or just some areas to relax and play some video games. That’s just the tip of the iceberg and I promise we have lots more that will make you feel comfortable and welcome!


No Event Company

Many conference organizers work with event and marketing companies to arrange their shows to make their lives easier, and they only take care about tasks such as speakers and sessions management. Experts Live Europe however is fully organized by our own team from districtUP: Isidora Katanic and myself. We are in control of absolutely everything, are not in any way influenced by other powers and take care about all the details ourselves. The feedback we get every year is phenomenal and motivates us to drive this project forward every single year!


What’s Next?

In the next weeks we will approve more sessions and publish them to the service catalog on the conference website. We want to be flexible enough to bring in new topics that will be released in the next weeks/months and therefore do not approve all sessions already. We still encourage you to get your conference tickets now to make sure you have your seat blocked. We offer 4 different ticket types to make sure you only buy what you really need.

More details can be found on the conference website >

I am looking forward to welcome you in Prague in November!

Cheers, Marcel

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