Integrate Azure DevOps with Teams

I use Azure DevOps a lot when it comes to customer projects, mainly for infrastructure as code deployments. Azure DevOps supports a variety of service hooks that allows to interact with various other services. Microsoft Teams is one of these services that can be used to inform your team about certain activities that are happening in Azure DevOps.

Let’s say you want to trigger some action whenever a new release of your infrastructure has been deployed to the production environment. Azure DevOps support several service hook types that can be used to trigger actions on other platforms. The available service hook types are visible on the Azure DevOps project settings.

Configure Service Hooks

Some of the service hooks can be configured in this view, some have to be initially in the connected platform. When it comes to Teams, the connection needs to be configured directly on the appropriate teams channel.

Configure Connector

After a successful authentication against Azure DevOps, you can configure the connector as needed. Select the Azure DevOps organization and project you want to connect to.


Now select the event that you are interested in. If you are interested in being informed when new releases have been completed, select “Release deployment complated”. More configuration options are available, e.g. to focus on specific pipelines or stages. Try out what works best for your needs.

Detail configuration

After everything is set up, you will discover a new service hook in the Azure DevOps project settings. You cannot update the configuration from here, but you can delete or disable it if needed.

Service Hook

Now let’s start a new release and have a look at the result in the Teams channel.


This integrates perfectly and drives transparency as well as the upcoming interaction and conversation!


About Marcel Zehner

Microsoft Azure MVP
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