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A look at SCSM Workflows and Notifications and how to manage them by using scripts

I am a lazy guy and whenever possible I try to automate things using PowerShell scripts or System Center Orchestrator runbooks. If you work with Service Manager you know that lots of tasks can be automated by using PowerShell cmdlets … Continue reading

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Manage Windows Azure using PowerShell: Part 1 – “The Setup”

When companies start using Windows Azure it sooner or later comes to the situation that you want to use the same management tools to manage on premise VMs and apps and azure-based VMs and apps. No big deal: Microsoft delivers … Continue reading

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PDT – Install System Center in 1 (one) hour

If you are a Microsoft System Center enthusiast like me, then you are faced with the challenge to install all those products over and over again. Well, when using the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit this gets a bit easier because it … Continue reading

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Using the Service Manager SDK together with Powershell

When using Service Manager, you can use the out-of-the-box Powershell-SnapIn “smcmdletsnapin” to get access to a bunch of Powershell cmdlets. These can be used to display and change different objects within  the Service Manager Infrastructure. If this is not enough, you … Continue reading

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Service Manager SMlets Beta 3 released!

This is good news: Beta 3 of the famous SMlets have just been released. Thanks to Travis and Jim for their great work! You can find more details here. cuMarcel

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Accessing attached files of closed Change Requests

Due to a bug in Service Manager, it is no more possible to access attached files once a Change Request has been closed. The only thing you can do to get access to the files is changing the status of … Continue reading

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Automatically delete Objects that have the Status “Pending Delete”

When Configuration Items are deleted from the CMDB, these objects are not deleted instantly. Instead they are marked as deleted and are removed from the CI views. These CIs are now in the status “Pending Delete” and will remain in … Continue reading

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