Conditional views in OMS using data-flow verification

In an OMS view you can enable data-flow verification and define a query that should be executed when someone accesses the OMS website. If the query returns no data, you can display a message that informs the user that there is no data available yet. This is actually very helpful in scenarios where you install a new solution that first needs to collect data. If someone accesses the view too early it could throw some strange errors saying that some data types or properties are unknown by the workspace.

First create a new view or edit an existing one. On the tile configuration, scroll down to the data-flow verification area and enable it. Enter the query that should be executed and some meaningful text that will be shown when the query returns no data. Then save the view.


When you now access the OMS website and your defined query returns no data, the solution shows your text and let’s you know that it’s not ready yet to show data. You cannot drill into the tile.


Once the data is available, the tile will change and display the data and you will be able to click on the tile to drill into it and get to the contained views.


With that simple configuration, the OMS experience gets much more convenient and consistence for your Log Analytics users.


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