Service Manager 2012 Workshop – get your seat now!

Hey all. As part of our Private Cloud workshop series, we have a new workshop for Service Manager 2012 ready for you. Next date will be October 29th until November 2nd 2012, the workshop is held in Bern/Switzerland in German (depending on the requests I will maybe plan another workshop in English later – so let me know if you are interested). All course materials (Slide Decks, Labs etc.) are created by itnetx to guarantee the high quality of the workshops.

Check this link for more information in German and registration –>—ii2012.html

Hope to see you in October!


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2 Responses to Service Manager 2012 Workshop – get your seat now!

  1. Elaine Elkins says:

    Hi Marcel,
    Just want to let you know that I would be interested in a Service Manager 2012 Workshop in english. I have this site saved as one of my favorites, and have been refering to your “The complete SCSM SM12 (Beta) Series:”, but would definitley love a chance to take a workshop course. Please let me know if you are going to have one in english.


    • Marcel Zehner says:


      Thanks! We will definitely have a SCSM 2012 Workshop in English, but not during 2012 as my time does not allow it :(. If you are still interessted for next year (Q1) let me know …


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