Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – use SCOM and the alert intelligence pack

In my last post I explained how servers can be connected directly with OpInsights. Another option is to use an on premise SCOM infrastructure. While you are already collecting information with SCOM, you can still forward information to OpInsights for further analysis. The only thing you need to do is create a SCOM-to-OpInsight connection and activate the Alert intelligence pack.

The first thing to do is to activate the alert intelligence pack on your OpInsight subscription.


Once added you can connect your SCOM infrastructure to OpInsights. In SCOM this is still called Advisor, but I guess this will be changed soon. In my case the connection is already configured, therefore the task is called “Re-configure Advisor”.


Use a Microsoft or organizational account to sign in to the OpInsight subscription.



After a while data will be collected and displayed in OpInsights. The result is presented in a nice overview.


In case you have multiple SCOM management groups attached you can select from which one you want to display information. One, multiple or all can be selected here.


Select the time range as needed to narrow down the displayed results.


Saved searches allow you to easily access details about the collected data. Of course you can create your own searches for a very granular control on what to display.


Have fun with your alerts

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