Reporting Permissions

Service Manager supports a Delegation Model for different User Roles. However, if you want non-Administrators to see and use specific Reports, this is not possible using one of the default roles. To achieve this goal, you have to dig a little deeper and use the permissions model of the SQL Reporting Services.

Use your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, I know …) to connect to the Reporting Services Website on the SQL Reporting Services Server. You will see a Folder called “ServiceManager” that holds the Report Definitions.imageChoose “Properties”. You will see a list of Security Principals with permissions on the “ServiceManager” folder.imageNow click „New Role Assignment“ to add new Users or Groups to the list.


Now when a User that has the needed Permissions opens his Service Manager Console, the Reporting wunderbar is visible and Reports can be used as expected. If needed, you can also configure specific rights on subfolders, e.g. if someone should only be able to use Incident Reports.Bye

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6 Responses to Reporting Permissions

  1. michael says:

    Ihave tried this on my servers but it is not working for me. i have had to add the reporting users to the administrators on the datawarehouse server for them to see the reporting module. What could i be doing wrongly?

    • Marcel Zehner says:

      Hey Michael

      Strange. I have never seen this before 😦 This would need some more investigation.


  2. Rico says:

    work´s fine! Thank you!

  3. CN. says:

    Dear Marcel,

    I have registered datawarehoue to SCSM console, I can see datawarehoue wunderbar when I launch the console, but it shows the error that “Reporting deployment process is in progress. Wait till management packs are imported”. The SQL reporting services is installed on a different machine with DW. It has been 3 days I still do not see reporting wunderbar. Is there any problem with the setup or reporting services? However all management packs are imported successfully, I can see the status is completed under SM Console\DataWarehouse\Managment Packs.

    I cannot see the Reports Tabs in the console as well, however I have admin access (content manager and browser) on the reporting server as mentioned in the above article.

    Event ID 33569
    Cannot connect to SQL Reporting Services Server. Message= Cannot display reporting wunderbar because the information is not yet available in DW CMDB. Remediation = Please wait for MP sync process to finish and try again later.

    Please advise.


  4. Ahmed Haredy says:

    Dear michael could you confirm if service manger folder inherit the permission from parent folder System Center if Not you can take one of the following option
    Revert to parent Security “Not Recommended” or
    Set Same permission on folder manually “Service Manager”
    after that if not working try to restart Reporting service

    • Marcel Zehner says:


      SQL Reporting Services use inheritance by default, but this can be changed id needed.


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