Connect to a Linux VM on Windows Azure – Part 1/2

Windows Azure allows the deployment of non-Windows operating systems such as Suse, Ubuntu or CentOS. Because those operating systems do not allow connections by using remote desktop as you might know from the Windows world, you have to use SSH connections to get into the machines. This is the first of two quick posts that describe how to connect to Linux VMs by using SSH.

Part 1: This post
Part 2:

When creating a new Linux VM in Azure you have the option to either allow connections that are secured by regular credentials or by using SSH keys. This first post shows how to use regular usernames and passwords to get in.

First let’s deploy a new Linux VM. Start the VM deployment wizard and select a Linux image from the gallery. Select the password option and enter a password of your choice.


After some minutes the VM is deployed. Check out the SSH details of the VM.



Now let’s try to connect to the VM by using SSH. Because I am using Windows, I use Putty for that. It can be downloaded from here. After starting the app you can enter the name/port information gathered in the step before.


Now click “Open”, enter the credentials and you are successfully connected to the VM.


In the second part I will demonstrate how to use SSH keys to connect to VMs.


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