Private Cloud Exam 70-247 – my Experience

Some weeks ago I took the first Cloud exam an posted my experience here. Today I took the second Cloud exam 70-247. This may be (depending on your actual certifications) one of the exams you need to pass to get the new “MCSE: Private Cloud” certification (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert). Let me share my experience here.

This exam covers Virtual Machine Manager and App Controller – and also some other System Center products like Operations Manager, Service Manager and Orchestrator Stuff. But again, Virtualization Management is the top topic. 90% is about SCVMM and SCAC, so make sure you now these products very well. Check out the official prep guide here –> Here’s the oveview for my 48 questions (135 minutes time):

  • Approx 35 questions on Virtual Machine Manager
    • Requirements for Installing SCVMM
    • Requirements for adding Virtualization Hosts (Virtual Server, Hyper-V, VMware etc.), Domain-based and Workgroup Hyper-V Hosts
    • Distributed Key Management
    • Add Storage Devices (needed steps, Classification, Accounts)
    • Add Load Balancers (needed steps, Accounts, Logical Networks)
    • Updates Management (WSUS, Baselines, assigning Baselines)
    • User Roles
    • VM Templates, Service Templates (create, update)
    • All Profile Types (what settings are found in that profile type)
    • VMM Portal
    • Server App-V and Sequencing
    • Create Azure Subscriptions in App Controller (needed steps, Certificates Management)
  • Approx 5 questions on Operations Manager
    • Connection to SCVMM (what MPs are needed)
    • Connection to Service Manager (generate Alerts, Connectors)
    • SharePoint Web Part
  • Approx 5 questions on Service Manager
    • Get VMM Objects to the CMDB (Connectors, MPs, create Views)
    • Database Management (available Databases, SQL DB roles)
    • Reporting Management (requirements for remote SQL SSRS)
    • User Roles
    • Self Service Portal
  • Approx 3 questions on Data Protection Manager
    • Backup and Restore Hyper-V Hosts
  • Approx 2 questions on Orchestrator
    • Integration Packs

I passed the exam. Now I can enjoy the weekend Smile


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7 Responses to Private Cloud Exam 70-247 – my Experience

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  2. Well done on passing them both!

  3. nurdeen says:

    hmm which dumps you follow P

  4. Mohamed Fawzi says:

    Well done and congratulations

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