SCU 2013 DACH – Session Planner is now Online

SCU 2013 DACH is coming closer. We just launched the session planning tool that allows you to get detailed information about sessions and speakers and plan your conference. You can access the tool directly from the main menu.


Before accessing the tool you need to register with a Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook or Google Account. This is a one time thing. In this example I choose using a Twitter Account.



If you already purchased a ticket, please the Starticket number of your 2-day pass. If you do not have purchased a ticket yet, please use “9999” as your number.



The last step is the validation of your mail address. Click on the link that you received by email.


After validation the registration process is complete and you can access the tool.


Login with the validated account. Select the conference day you are interested in check out the session list. It is divided in 4 tracks. There will be some small changes during the next weeks – some sessions and details will be added. But 90% of the program is ready.


By clicking on the session title you will get detailed information about the session and the presenters.


By using the +/- signs you can add sessions to your personal session list. The selected sessions will be highlighted.


At the end of your planning you can get your session list by using the “My Session List” menu.



In a few days we will also launch a Windows Phone 8 app so that you can take your planning on your mobile device with you to the conference.

The actual version of the tool is 1.0. So we really appreciate your feedback on this tool to make it better during the next weeks and for further SCU events. Please let me know by adding a comment to this blog post. Thanks a lot!


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3 Responses to SCU 2013 DACH – Session Planner is now Online

  1. CN. says:

    Dear Marcel,

    Hope all is well.

    Please advise how can we watch the recorded sessions?
    I was able to download the slides deck and I registered in session planner.

    Thank you.


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