Rebranding: is now, @SCSMfaq is now @marcelzehner!

I started my blogging and social media career more than 2.5 years ago with the idea to share Microsoft System Center Service Manager stuff with the community. Because of the strong focus on Service Manager, I originally decided to use scsmfaq as my name for the blog and twitter handle. That was a good decision as has given me good visibility in the community. Of course I did not only share stuff, but also learned a lot from the community! So thanks for your feedback, questions and discussions during that time!

Now, System Center Service Manager is one very important part of Microsoft’s management story, but there are also lots of other products in the System Center suite that are part of management solutions. So I decided to move a little bit to the center of that and target other products as well. This is important because these days we are talking more about solutions that consist of multiple products that integrate. Therefore I now changed my blog address as well as twitter handle to marcelzehner.

So what can you expect from the future of this blog and my activities?

I love Service Manager and this will still be the main topic discussed on this blog. If you liked my blog so far, make sure you keep on reading. There will be no changes in this area. But in the future I will also share about Orchestrator, Operations Manager, SPF, Windows Azure Services for Windows Server and Windows Azure. This gives me great possibilities for discussions around private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.

So what should YOU change?

You also have to change some things to make sure you don’t loose information.

  • www –> Change your browser favorite to (the old URL is redirected)
  • rss –> Change your RSS feed settings to
  • Twitter –> Mention and follow @marcelzehner (I renamed the twitter handle, so you should already follow)

Have fun!

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