License and Contract Management Pack – testers wanted!

While working with Service Manager customers over the last year, we heard from many customers that they have the requirement to manage licenses and contracts with Service Manager. Having that, they get the benefit of linking this kind of information directly to configuration items. We decided to create a new Management Pack that has all the needed functions. Our goal is to make this MP available at a very low cost so that all companies that run Service Manager can benefit from it – no matter of their size.

To make sure the product has all needed functions and also has the needed stability, we are now looking for persons that are interested in testing the MP while it is still in development – as a first step, we are looking for approx 10 persons. But before replying to this blog post, please keep in mind that for us only testers that have enough time to test the MP and report back to us are valuable. So make sure that you really want to do that Smiley

Interested persons please respond to “zehner at itnetx dot ch”. Testing will start in approx 2 weeks …


Here are some beta impressions …






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