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Sample MP – Relation between classes, type projections, views and forms

Based on several requests, I created a sample MP that has a class definition with a relationship to another class, a type projection, a view that uses the type projection and a specific form for managing objects of this class. … Continue reading

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Finally on Twitter … yuck!

To get a better integration with the community, I decided to twitterfeed all my blog posts (and also add some additional tweets that do not make it to the blogspace). So just follow me on Twitter to get all information … Continue reading

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Remove the extensions tab on the Incident form

I have done this many times in the past months: extending the default Incident class with additional properties. With that you are able to save additional data with an Incident, so that you have all information in place when needed. … Continue reading

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Changing the Incident Preview Form

When dealing with Incidents, you and your Service Desk people always want the most important information at hand to work effectively. One requirement could be to display information about incidents without opening them. Out of the box this is possible and … Continue reading

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License and Contract Management Pack – testers wanted!

While working with Service Manager customers over the last year, we heard from many customers that they have the requirement to manage licenses and contracts with Service Manager. Having that, they get the benefit of linking this kind of information … Continue reading

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