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Reporting Permissions

Service Manager supports a Delegation Model for different User Roles. However, if you want non-Administrators to see and use specific Reports, this is not possible using one of the default roles. To achieve this goal, you have to dig a … Continue reading

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Make Service Manager Customer-aware

Out-of-the-box, Service Manager cannot be used to manage multiple customers – e.g. there is no customer field/attribute when you create a new incident. Without this information it is very difficult to see which customer reported a specific incident. If you … Continue reading

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Mobile Devices and SIM Cards

Some customers want to manage Mobile Devices. Unfortunately, no such classes exists out of the box in Service Manager. Therefore you have to create your own classes as well as build the relationships between those. In this article i will … Continue reading

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Service Manager Workflows – Part 1

To automate tasks, Service Manager brings it’s own Workflow Engine. Using the Authoring Tool you can build detailed Workflows to automate almost any task you want. And the best thing: it’s pretty easy! In this Blogpost Series i will show … Continue reading

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Auto-Close resolved Incidents

After a Ticket has been closed, it is no more possible to reopen it – this is why the “resolved” state exists. As long as a ticket is resolved, it can be re-opened. So one thing you have to deal … Continue reading

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Adding a custom field to Incident Forms

Today I had an interesting Request. A Customer came with the idea of adding an additional field to the Incident Form. It should hold the User that would report the Incident. Often the user reporting the Incident is not the … Continue reading

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Automated Change Requests using Microsoft Opalis

If you want to automate certain processes, then Microsoft Opalis is the way to go. With this Orchestration and Workflow engine it possible to automate cross-silo processes without writing a single line of code. of course, if you have special … Continue reading

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