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Service Manager 2012 Workshop – get your seat now!

Hey all. As part of our Private Cloud workshop series, we have a new workshop for Service Manager 2012 ready for you. Next date will be October 29th until November 2nd 2012, the workshop is held in Bern/Switzerland in German … Continue reading

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News in SCSM12 (Beta) #8 – Permissions for triggering System Center Orchestrator runbooks

This question comes up a lot: “What permissions are needed to trigger runbooks in System Center Orchestrator?” Sure, you can give all service accounts administrative permissions on all components and that would work somehow, but this is not really what … Continue reading

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Access the SM12 Web Portal using an Alias

SM12 brings a new Web Portal that is based on SharePoint. This is pretty cool because you can now combine the Service Manager functionality together with the rich function set of SharePoint. One thing I normally do is creating an alias … Continue reading

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News in SCSM12 (Beta) #7 – Connectors

To use Service Manager you first have to generate objects in the CMDB. To quickly fill the Configuration Database with lots of objects from good quality, SM12 offers different connectors. This concept is not new to SM12, but there are new … Continue reading

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News in SCSM12 (Beta) #5 – Parent/Child Incidents

With SM12 it’s now possible to link multiple Incidents together. For that, a Parent Incident (or Master Incident) is created that then has relations to one or multiple Child Incidents. With SM10 this was only possible by linking multiple Incidents to Problem Records … Continue reading

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News in SCSM12 (Beta) #4 – Enable Self Service for Service Requests

In my last blog post I talked about automating Service Requests with Service Manager 2012, and I also promised to show how to allow end users and other consumers to directly create new Service Requests from a Web Portal. This … Continue reading

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News in SCSM12 (Beta) #3 – Automation of Service Requests

In my last blog post I talked about the new Service Request Work Item type and how to use them. Service Requests are great, but it would be even cooler to automate the IT processes behind it. This is possible when … Continue reading

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News in SCSM12 (Beta) #1 – Service Level Objectives (SLO)

I’m very excited to present the first of many blog posts for the new version of Service Manager 2012!  The Beta is now public and I am now allowed to blog about all the great features that we all were … Continue reading

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Service Manager 2012 Beta is available!

We had to wait for a long time, but now the public Beta of Service Manager 2012 is finally available. Time to download and test all the great new features! Download –> http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=27844 I will publish a bunch of SCSM12 … Continue reading

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