SCSM QuickVids for “SCSM 2012/2012R2 Authoring” – Video 4: Create a custom form (Step 1)

Shame on me! It’s exactly one year since I published my last video of this series. The idea behind this video series is to give an introduction to the authoring options you have with System Center Service Manager. In the first 3 videos I showed how one can create new classes, relationships and type projections using Visual Studio together with the Visual Studio Authoring Extensions (VSAE). Now we go to the next step and will start creating a new custom form for our classes. Because this is a big topic to cover, I split it up in multiple videos. This here is the first video that shows the basic procedures about how to create a brand new form and instruct Service Manager to load it when an objects of a specific class is created or edited.

SCSM 2012/2012 R2 Authoring – Video 1: Preparing the dev environment

SCSM 2012/2012 R2 Authoring – Video 2: Create a class

SCSM 2012/2012 R2 Authoring – Video 3: Create a relationship and a type projection

SCSM 2012/2012 R2 Authoring – Video 4: Create a custom Form (Step 1)

Hint: if you experience bad video quality please download the full video to your local box and start it from there.

Ah and by the way: this is my first blog post written with Microsoft Word. Hope you like it J


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Speaker @ Microsoft TechNet Event, March 11 2015

On March 11 2015, I will present two sessions during a Microsoft TechNet in Wallisellen/Switzerland. Together with my fellow itnetx colleagues Markus Erlacher and Martin Wüthrich we will introduce the audience to (parts of) the Windows Server and System Center vNext stack.

  • Session 1: Windows Server & System Center vNext  Overview (Markus Erlacher)
  • Session 2: IT Process Automation (Marcel Zehner)
  • Session 3: EMS & Mobile Device Management (Martin Wüthrich)
  • Session 4: End-to-End Infrastructure and Service Monitoring (Marcel Zehner)

All sessions will be presented in German. Check out this link for more details and free registration:

See you there!

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Speaker @ System Center Universe (SCU) APAC 2015

This year I have a chance to present at System Center Universe APAC in Singapore – as far as I remember this is the first time I present in Asia Smile More than 20 speakers that you might know from the community will present technical sessions around Cloud technologies, Azure, fabric management and much more.

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Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – use SCOM and the alert intelligence pack

In my last post I explained how servers can be connected directly with OpInsights. Another option is to use an on premise SCOM infrastructure. While you are already collecting information with SCOM, you can still forward information to OpInsights for further analysis. The only thing you need to do is create a SCOM-to-OpInsight connection and activate the Alert intelligence pack.

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Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – basics and direct agent communications

OpInsights is a Microsoft cloud-based service that gives you the ability to collect, combine, correlate and visualize data from your infrastructure without having to build anything on your own. You just need to connect your servers to OpInsight – either directly or by using your on premise SCOM infrastructure. In this article I will walk you through the basic concepts and how to setup direct communication that allows you to start collecting and analyzing information within minutes! If you need more details what this is all about you can find details on the official web site (still in preview now).

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System Center Universe Europe – this was SCU 2014

The annual community conference “System Center Universe 2014 Europe” was executed September 17-19 2014 in Basel-Switzerland. 370 people from 20 different countries made it to the conference to learn, present, discuss, meet and have fun. From the feedback we received so far (and also from our personal view), the conference was a great success. This blog post is a recap of the organization team with the most important things that happened as well as a collection of blogs, videos and pictures that others created (and that will be updated continuously over time). Have fun reading! And make sure you are part of this amazing conference next year!

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Service Manager: Create a “Reviewers” object by using PowerShell #SCSM

You might be aware that Service Manager allows you to use Review Activities (RA) in a SR or CR to approve requests. RAs can be easily added to the process in the SCSM console. After adding the RA, you must add AD User CI that will be used to approve the request. If you take a look at the backend things are a little more complex, especially when you want to add approvers using a PowerShell script.
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