FREE Advanced Send Mail for #SCSM – from itnetx & Cireson

It’s finally here – the long awaited FREE “Advanced Send Mail” MP for SCSM 2012+! What it is? It is a Management Pack that adds a new task to your Service Manager console. With this task you are able to send out mails from an incident view or form, e.g. to request more information from the incident affected user but if needed also from someone else. The cool thing is that all the sent mails are documented in the incident action log to guarantee maximal transparency. To make sure you don’t have to write the same questions over and over again, we allow you to use notification templates. Together with the Exchange Connector you now have the complete mail conversion loop closed which gives you a real value add!

Advanced Send Email Settings

Advanced Send Email Task

Advanced Send Email Form

You can download your free version from our web site ( or from the Cireson app store (

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12 Responses to FREE Advanced Send Mail for #SCSM – from itnetx & Cireson

  1. Morten says:

    Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for a really useful addon! And nice to see it’s free.

    Some suggestions for future versions:
    – Enable the use of SCSM properties in email templates. Right now it only shows the property code (e.g. first name of affected user) and not the actual first name.
    – HTML translation for html email templates, right now it shows the escaped html code in both the field and on the email.
    – Some way of doing workflows to apply incident templates on the incident as the “old” send email did. E.g. update the status to Pending user when you select the “Request additional information” template.
    – Make it work for other workitems, e.g. Service Requests and Change Requests.

    Thanks again for a really cool app : )


  2. Jochen Schnuer says:

    Hi Marcel,

    Is it currently possible to customize the workflow so that I can use different sender adresses? E.g. we have an implementation which is linked to 4 exchange mailboxes. So the analysts should be able to use the different adresses to send mails from…

    Best regards.
    Jochen Schnuer

    • Hey Jochen

      In theory that would be possible, but we have no plans to implementat in the near future. But I will add it on the wish list :)


  3. Alex Marsh says:

    Hi Marcel

    Big fan of the sendmail app. Do you have any idea of timescales for V2? Getting the ability to send mail from service requests (with attachments) would be great!

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Marcel!

    It is great solution! But i can not understand how to use HTML in templates. For example i trying to use “mailto”. In generic SCSM templates it works fine, but sendmail sends messages as plain text, and “mailto” does not work properly.
    p.s. Of Course “Use HTML” checkbox in template is active.

  5. Mc good says:

    Thanks Marcel zehner I only an option to send to the affected user only, does it send to the assigned to or Technician?

    • Hey

      I does not send it automatically to the technician. For now you Need to add the address of the technician manually to the “to” or “cc” field.


  6. Kenneth McMichael says:

    Is there an update coming that will allow it to go to Pending status?

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